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Iran Says Intruding Jet Belongs To NATO
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A Falcon Jet That Violated Iranian Airspace And Was Forced To Land In One Of Iran's Airports Belonged To The NATO Forces, iran's English Language Press TV Reported On Wednesday.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Falcon Jet, carrying Military Personnel From Various Nations Including Hungary, was Heading To NATO Bases In Afghanistan, press TV Said.

The Plane Reportedly Took Off From Turkey And Strayed Into Iranian Air Space On September 30, iranian Fighter Jets Guided The Aircraft From Above The Country's Northern Provinces To Tehran's Mehrabad Airport And Forced It To Land, the Report Said.

After Interrogation Of The NATO Personnel, and A Full Inspection Of Their Equipment And Papers, it Was Determined That The Aircraft Did Not Enter Iran Intentionally, so It Was Allowed To Leave For Its Earlier Destination, afghanistan, the Report Added.

According To Press TV, a Number Of Governments, including Hungry, have Apologized To Iran's Government For The Incident.

Iran's Semi-official Fars News Agency Reported On Tuesday That Iranian Jet Fighters Have Forced A U.S. Warplane To Land In One Of Iran's Airports After It Entered Iran's Air Space Without Permission.

The Warplane Was Boarding Eight Passengers, five High Ranking Generals And Three Civilians, fars Said Without Specifying When The Incident Happened.

Iran's Official IRNA News Agency Later On Tuesday Reported That The Falcon Jet Which Was Forced To Land By Iranian Jet Fighters On Sept. 30 Belonged To A Non-American Country.

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