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A small expert panel meeting Sharon Hefei English News
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English Salon arrangement with the city, Hefei TV "Hefei English News" seminar held in Kyushu buildings, from Hefei, the Committee of Experts in fat English experts, some foreign teachers and enthusiastic audience attended the forum to "Hefei English News" How to better organized, put forward their own insights. According to the recommendations of the principal leaders of city, in mid-November last year, Hefei TV station resumed broadcasting "Hefei English News", so far, has produced this show is broadcast 11. The participants watched a 3 "Hefei English News" program, the program production, hosting and broadcast expressed appreciation and recognition. From co-workers, said Professor Ren Jingsheng large, Hefei, central China as a "leader", should make their voices heard; in the soft environment construction, it should make its due contribution. In the course of foreign relations, foreign language broadcasting is essential, "Hefei English News" broadcast the recovery, a response to the trend of the times. Meanwhile, Professor Ren Jingsheng also hope the program broadcast time can be adjusted to the brothers and cities radiation. Anda Professor Zhu Xiaomei, Institute Professor Wang Shaolin gun will show the form, content, background, press releases and material re-arranged by the chairperson made a very good suggestion. "Hefei English News" translation and review of the manuscript translated by the Foreign Affairs Office, Room coordination arrangements, each average duration of 10 minutes broadcast time per week at 11:10 and 12:00. At the forum, iFLYTEK Vice President, Research Institute of Telecommunications fly to Hefei Hu Yu also presented the company's television stations "broadcasting king" professional software to help increase the voice of broadcast quality.
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