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Manpower resource and file of general office of social security department
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Person company office is sent [2008]55 date

About 2008 year 2 class, 3 class translate professional competence (level) the announcement of concerned problem of exam acceptable standard

Hall of human affairs of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (bureau) , labor ensures hall (bureau) , xinjiang production builds bureau of safeguard of bureau of corps human affairs, labor:

? ? ? 2 class, 3 class translated the basis first half of the year 2008 professional competence (level) the exam data statistic of 4 languages analyses English, Japanese, French, Arabic and concern expert opinion, article of the abroad in be in business publishs career bureau, be as follows acceptable standard and concerned problem announcement now:

? ? ? One, 2 class, 3 class translate professional competence (level) English, Japanese, French, Arabic 4 languages written translation, oral interpretation (pass interpret alternately kind) exam acceptable standard all is each course 60 minutes (examination paper full marks all is 100 minutes) .

? ? ? 2, center of exam of human affairs of department of manpower resource social security sends achievement of corresponding examination staff to each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, examinee but after July 30, through Chinese thing exam net or whole nation translate professional competence (level) exam net inquires him achievement.

? ? ? 3, please according to relevant document spirit, had done seriously announce an exam acceptable standard and extend corresponding level, language, category translates professional competence (level) the concerned job such as certificate.


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