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Company of American Internet speech head push mobile phone Chinese - flower inte
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[Sohu IT message]BeijingTime on August 8, 2008 message, according to foreign media coverage, this Zhou Si, The United StatesInternetSpeechTechnical company JAJAH head pushFreeMobile phoneFlower - Chinese automatic speechInterpreterService, serve through this, can undertake automaticallyEnglishWith the each other interpret of mandarin.

JAJAH company chooses to roll out this service in this moment, aim it is better during 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing that convenient English-speaking tourist and Amphitryon people undertake communicate.

It is reported, should dial this locality only a fixed number can receive JAJAH automatic speech translates a service, want to say oneself language to the mobile phone only, after automatic interpreter tool can be translated, speak by another kind of language. For instance, want to say mandarin to the mobile phone, interpreter tool can translate automatically into English to speak out.

JAJAH headquarters is located in American California city, this technology is with IBM coact is developed.

"The job that we do is to eliminate the language barrier between world people, the comes from world each district tourist "JAJAH that the service that offers this can go to the lavatory to travel to Beijing combines say of father Daniel Mattes, "The target of JAJAH depends on eliminating the obstacle " of each languages on the world through mobile phone and Internet.

It is reported, the automatic interpreter that JAJAH plans to roll out all sorts of languages accordingly in a few months of future serves. (Ke Ke is compiled)

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