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Ninetowns said the translation does not fully result in misreading the outside
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October 23 message, after media reports "" FIRE FALL "distribution rights in China does not belong NINE." Ninetowns respect that was due to inadequate translation. "Ninetowns is RED5's largest investor, RED5 and Webzen Cooperation is cooperation NINETOWNS and Webzen, "NINETOWNS then sent a message to the media said. MARK said at that time" we "is being widely misunderstood. RED5 studio CEOMARK remote video interview yesterday, the translator was translated as "NINETOWNS some strategic deployment in the West, which left us with a deep impression. But we are concerned with Webzen Cooperation and hope for the Chinese market to find a suitable publisher, but we think we Ninetowns is still a very good partner, we still hope that by their operations in China. " Subsequently, the NINETOWNS area was distributed to the media on the translation of the message added that "Ninetowns is the largest investor RED5, RED5 cooperation with Webzen, Webzen is NINETOWNS and cooperation, we hope that the Chinese Market to find a suitable publisher, we feel that the identity of the investor NINETOWNS outside in, is still a very good partner, we still hope that by their operations in China. " From the translation point of view, "we" is in dispute, NINETOWNS side believes that the biggest investor Ninetowns as RED5, should belong to "us" category. The translation was inadequate, resulting in the media "we" into the word Misreading the line, resulting in that game NINETOWNS investment RED5 "fire fall" right of distribution does not belong to NINE.
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