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Information Office: attaches great importance to improve the translation abili
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Translators Association of China, the Sixth National Conference and 60 years of New China Translation Business Forum in 2009 12 to 13 November in Beijing, the former State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan, honorary president of the Translators Association of China, State Council Information Office, Wang Chen, etc. attend the opening ceremony and delivered an important speech. The following is the State Council Information Office, Wang Chen in the Chinese translation of the Sixth Congress of the speech. Dear Tang, honorary president Honourable President, distinguished delegates, Comrades: Very pleased to attend today's event, and all over the country gathered together representatives of the translation industry. Here, on behalf of the Communication Office and the State Council Information Office to the Chinese translation of the Sixth Congress of the opening warm congratulations to the majority of translators cordial greetings! Last year, we solemnly commemorate the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, this year, we have the country to celebrate 60th birthday of the Republic. Since the founding of new China, especially since the reform and opening up, China's development has attracted worldwide attention, let people proud. With the continuous improvement of China's international status and the continuous development of foreign relations, and enhance its soft power building, to improve external communication capacity more and more important and urgent. Translation ability of a country's external relations and external communication capabilities important part of China to the world a better description, we must attach great importance to translation work. 30 years of reform and opening up of China's achievements in the development and prosperity of translation, especially in the field of international communication has made historic achievements in translation work. Today, more and more places in the world, people can read each day by the Xinhua News Agency broadcast a variety of text press releases, read the English version of "China Daily", to see CCTV in English, French, Spanish and Arabic language broadcast television programs, heard the China Radio International broadcasts in 43 languages. With the continuous development of Internet technology, network media in the ascendant, People's Daily, Xinhua, China Network, the international online and other sites, the first time each day with dozens of languages to the international community released the latest information about China. CIPG Foreign languages with more than 20 types of foreign language books published in the National Library for many years to maintain its leading position in the copyright trade, foreign bureau s "Beijing Review", "China Today", "China Pictorial," "People's China" 20 kinds of foreign publications released to the world. Central Compilation and Translation Bureau has published over the years a large number of Marxist-Leninist classics and a variety of text version of the party and state leaders and other central works of literature. China is more and more widely and deeply into the world, the world began more and more objective understanding of the real China. These achievements embodied the Translators Association of China and the vast majority of the translators for their hard work and quiet dedication. As far as I know, Chinese TAC in the early nineties of last century established the external communication translation committee has now established a Chinese-English, Chinese translation, Chinese to Japanese and other experts discuss a mechanism for regular study the political, economic, culture in areas such as foreign language translations of important words, and the results published for propaganda departments of Foreign Affairs. This mechanism is very good, for more accurate passing out information in China played an important role, if the conditions can also be extended to more languages. The writings of the party and state leaders, the central document, diplomatic documents translated into foreign languages by a translator, communication around the world. Ancient and modern classics such as "The Analects of Confucius", "moral", Tang, Song, "Dream of Red Mansions", "Three Kingdoms" and also had a broad impact the world. China is also actively promoting and participating in TAC has identified a number of urban public spaces English standards, to standardize the language urban environment, enhance the city has made a positive international image of Discover. State Council Information Office released the "China Book International Promotion Programme" and "works translated and published books on Chinese culture" has been included in China, including TAC support of the majority of the translation industry, the establishment of the major languages in the translation of foreign experts. I take this opportunity to all to spread the cause of our country's foreign exchanges and international exchanges to make an important contribution to the vast number of translators to express my sincere gratitude and highest respect! Nevertheless, we must face the reality: China is a five thousand years long history and splendid cultures. China's history and culture belongs not only to China, but also of the world, the world's cultural development in China should make its own contribution. But from the moment, China's foreign exchange and cultural transmission serious "trade deficit", "cultural deficit" great performance in the world, China's core values, long history, splendid culture and cultural products and the external influence of Chinese culture is still limited China's foreign cultural influence and China's international status and the level of economic and social development, there is still not a small gap. To change this situation, the joint efforts of all sectors, the translation industry, and the majority of translators is also shouldering a glorious mission, bear great responsibility, can be described as formidable. China's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" proposed to implement "this strategy", highlighting the talents of career development and national development. Chinese translation industry currently faces a prominent issue, but also the problem of talent. With the advent of the era of globalization and the expansion of China's foreign exchange, almost all walks of life tasks and requirements of external communication, but the translation until 2006, was only recognized as an independent, professional vocational training needs. There figures show that the translation of the 2008 National Specialty held titles of the staff there are nearly 3 million people; between 2003 -2008, a total of 1.4 million people through a national translate professional qualifications (level) examinations to obtain professional qualifications, although this has been is not a small improvement, but as we have such a large country, facing the growing market demand, the gap is still very large. The cause of international communication in particular, needed a high level of foreign professionals in the translation, it is very scarce. Translators team serious "fault" caused the problem on the translation quality, the impact of China's external image. Mentioned earlier, the "China Book International Promotion" in the implementation process is a major obstacle to the lack of high-level translators, and this is difficult to eliminate bottlenecks in the short term. Depth development of economic globalization, China's opening up continues to expand, we are required to greatly improve the ability of external communication, external communication capabilities, both reflected in the dissemination of economic and social development, but also in terms of external communication of, but also in terms of foreign culture and soft power. The central government by strengthening the construction of cultural soft power, domestic and enhance national cohesion and solidarity, external enhanced affinity and influence. To achieve this goal, all aspects of the effort. Our ideas and understanding from the high priority translation, to translation work for the development of translation to create a good cultural atmosphere and social environment. We should vigorously strengthen the international cultural studies, especially studies of external translation work, seriously explore the ability to improve our foreign cultural transmission path. To increase the translation of input into personnel training, colleges and universities to pay greater attention to translation of disciplines, in particular, to strengthen the translation of foreign personnel training in thematic studies, speed up the training team to play a mission of growing high-quality external communication, Translation of specialized personnel. I hope Translators Association of China as a national organization for the translation industry, from the height of national development strategies, coordinating and guiding role to play in the new historical starting point, to further promote the development of the Chinese translation, in order to speed up the ability to improve international communication, more comprehensive, more accurate and objective description of the world a true China make greater contributions. Finally, I wish the Chinese translation of the Sixth Congress a complete success!
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