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English translation of the eight co-released the latest jargon
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English Translation of the Association of TEM-to-date terminology 1. The scientific development concept the Outlook of Scientific Development 2. Promote just and equitable new order call for the establishment of a new just and equitable order 3. To foster a new concept of development new thinking on development based on equality and mutual benefit 4. Foster a mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation as the main content of the new security concept foster a new thinking on security featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination 5. Advocating respect for the diversity characteristics of the new concept of civilizations that foster a new thinking on civilization that respects diversity 6. A new energy concept new thinking on energy development Vocabulary related to advanced culture 1. Historical, foreign The old translation of let the ancient serve the present, let the foreign serve the national Are translated draw from past and foreign achievements 2. Literature and art cultural and art work; work in the cultural field 3. Firmly grasp the orientation of advanced culture firmly keep to the direction of an advanced culture / cultural advancement 4. Culture intermingle with the economic and political interaction between cultural work, and economic and political activitiescultural elements / factors intermingle with economic and political factors 5. National, scientific and popular socialist culture of a socialist culture that is distinctly Chinese, pro-science and people-oriented 6. Promote the theme, promoting diversity promote mainstream values and uphold cultural diversity 7. To arm people with scientific theory in order to correct media guidance, imbue them with a noble spirit, and inspire them with excellent works Equip / empower people with scientific theories, guide them with correct opinions / convey to them right messages / provide them with correct media guidance, imbue them with a noble spirit and inspire them with excellent / fine works 8. A socialist culture with Chinese style Chinese-style socialist culture; socialist culture with Chinese appeal 9. More national pride of the world The pride of a nation is also the pride of the world.What 's unique for a nation is also precious for the world.When you are unique, the world comes to you. 10. Art should be close to the people, their lives and reality. Culture and arts should be / keep close to the people, their lives and reality. 11. Art nurtures the soul and culture cultivates. Art nurtures the soul and culture cultivates the mind. 12. Culture is the Chinese nation to keep the continuity of the spiritual ties. Culture is the spiritual bond that ensures the continuity of our Chinese nation. 13. We can not sever the cultural blood. We must never sever the cultural vein of our nation. 14. To establish a correct outlook on life and values to foster a right / correct outlook / view on the world, life and values 15. Cultural market, cultural, trade cultural market, cultural trade 16. Always put social benefit first always put social benefit first 17. To support the national standards reflect the national characteristics and the major cultural projects and arts groups support major / top-notch cultural projects and art troupes that represent national characteristics and national level Move steadily toward prosperity and happiness road move steadily toward prosperity and happiness Constantly seek answers to what is socialism and how to build socialism, what kind of party and how to build the party, what kind of development to achieve and how the development of major theoretical and practical problems such as constantly seek answers to major theoretical and practical questions such as what socialism is and how to build it, what kind of party we must build and how to build it, and what kind of development China should achieve and how to achieve it The Party's basic theory, basic line, basic program and basic experience Party's basic theory, line, program and experience Socialism and Marxism have shown great vitality on Chinese soil, Socialism and Marxism have shown vigor and vitality in China.
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