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"Lu Xun Prize" Translation Award vacancy is not normal
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Last month, the fifth presentation of the works of Lu Xun translated class appeared vacant. The jury subsequently explained that it all works on a careful re-reading and repeated discussions, the award-winning standards that does not appear to work, do not want to trade down because it is vacant. However, yesterday, arrived there from Qingdao to participate in the 7th CASIO Cup Competition awards ceremony translation translator Lin Shaohua, translated in the field analysis, he suddenly turned to Lu Xun will attack all the vacancies in the event translation award, and how they "defeated Wheat City "of personal experience, explaining the whole story. Or not to send election irregularities read Lin Shaohua suggested that Lu Xun's translation of the establishment of class award is the highest award of the translation industry. All awards appear in a vacant normal? More strange than this is related to translation profession on tight-lipped about this abnormal phenomenon, all remained silent. Lin Shaohua said he was inclined to agree with young translator, Shanghai Translation Publishing House editor Huang described the views of Facing the Great on-line - "Now the translation level, to such an extent no landslide, and will not have comments of a work does not come out." In his view, In some final selected works, there is no way inferior to their predecessors Translator works. Well, this one has a kind of hidden reason it? Then, Lin Shaohua recalled his own translation, "recorded by rows and odd birds" (Haruki Murakami was) after the end unsuccessful. As works of Haruki Murakami's "translation specialized households," Lin Shaohua was "Twentieth Century History of Japanese Literature in Translation," a book income, and that he "put in place to accurately reproduce the original style." For this reason, Shandong Writers Association will be translated, published by Shanghai Translation Publishing House, "recorded by rows and odd birds" sent to eligible, "Lu Xun's Award." However, the "odd-shaped birds recorded in the line" not only did not win, even the primaries did not enter. Why so? In the inquiry, the Lin Shaohua learned that losing is not attached to the original because, when he informed the other party to send the original copy of the assessment on the folder in the book, the other party will promise to find added to the list of primaries, but 3 months later, when Lin Shaohua Call asked again when the other party to send the original answer is incomplete, only 20 pages, all text should be submitted as required. Lin Shaohua think dumbfounding, because the "odd-shaped birds recorded in the line," the original three thick, simply can not do all the submission, not to mention have to copy 10. In his view, the standard translations of a judge, professional assessment of the original 20, only to mutatis mutandis, to draw conclusions about, and "Lu Xun Prize" had not requested the full text. He brings me Mr. Yang Ziwu spent 10 years of effort, translated Huang Huang 8-volume masterpiece, "Modern History of Literary Criticism," is attached to the original plus a copy of Rene Wellek, the spectacular sight of how it? Finally, Lin Shaohua no choice but to laugh, despite the translation circle are determined that "the history of modern literary criticism" is a great translation department, and ultimately not selected probably because sending election "irregularities", right? Lin Shaohua, said Liu Ruihong translated as "natural" (Eliot Otis original), Wen-Yu Chang and Heung Wing translation of the "Gravity's Rainbow" (Thomas Pynchon original), Zhong Zhiqing translation of the "Story of Love and Darkness" (Arab Amos Oz original) so that the reading public good translation masterpiece of concern, is not really to the point that should be discarded? Is it true the judges in the "insisted Ningquewulan", or simply do not read? Many masterpiece annihilation in the "Ningquewulan" Translation of this reporter inquired about Lu Xun award shortlist, some good ones, such as the Central Compilation and Translation Press, many organizations, "Cambridge History of American Literature" (Volumes), Liu Ji-source, Qi Tianxiu translation of "you can not go home "(Thomas Wolfe book), ZHU Jian Xun, Xiao-Fang Li translation of the" correct "(Jonathan Franzen), The Hunan Ping translation of the" Sword of Honour "(Yves Linwo the original), Song Yingtang translation "Close: Wyoming Stories" (Anne Prune a), Jiang Ningkang translation of the "Western Canon" (Harold Bloom), The Gimje translation of "Ulysses" (James Joyce book) ... ... these no less in older people, to fill the gap of retranslation and the first translation, so lost in each session on the so-called "Ningquewulan" in the. Finally, Lin Shaohua venture to explain, Translation Award for translation level of vacancies is not enough, but from award itself is a problem. Lu Xun's purpose is to encourage outstanding novellas, short stories, reportage, poetry, prose, essays, literary theory and comment on the works of creation, to encourage the translation of foreign literary works fine. That being so, then the organizers should at least be on each participating works were taken seriously. In short, the work can not let eligible, omissions, this is the most basic. "I hope Pair of doing justice to the 'Lu Xun' word!" Lin Shaohua finally says bitterly.
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