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Commonly used of skill of 10 big interpreters: Convert law
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InChineseIn, attributive adjunct and adverbial modifier adjunct often are located in by adjunct before; InEnglishIn, a lot of adjunct often are located in by adjunct later, accordinglyInterpreterOften want to come over textual word order topsy-turvy when. Convert law is used at Ying Yihan normally, grow a habit according to Chinese to convey a law to undertake around exchanges to English namely, by meaning group or undertake all convert, the principle is to make Chinese interpret sentence arrangement accords with the general and logistic order with narrative logic of contemporary Chinese language. Sometimes convert law also is used at Han Yiying. Be like:
(1) At This Moment, throughThe Wonder Of Telecommunications, more People Are Seeing And Hearing What We Say Than On Any Other Occasions In The Whole History Of The World.
At the moment, pass the miracle of contemporary communication method, the person that see and hears us to speak assumes office than whole world history how he such circumstance wants much. (partial convert)
(2) I Believe Strongly That It Is In The Interest Of My Countrymen That Britain Should Remain An Active And Energetic Member Of The European Community.
I am certain, england still should be Europe in all one of body active with red-blooded member, this accords with interest of our country people. (partial convert)
(3) since reforming and opening, ChinaProduced tremendous change.
Great Changes Have Taken Place In China Since The Introduction Of The Reform And Opening Policy. (All convert)

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